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As a responsible lender with a heavily broker focused model we are continuously looking for ways we can provide assistance and support to our valued introducers. Therefore what can we change or provide you that will assist with pre-contract disclosure?

Whilst we provide only unregulated ‘exempt’ agreements we are aware of recently introduced requirements for additional pre-contract disclosures imposed by the FCA.

Whilst we appreciate that introducers will have their own means of expressing this information it must, in the first instance, be clearly communicated to you by us.


We are reaching out to ask, how can we assist? What, if any, amendments can we make to our day 1 illustrations that will help you? What information do you require? Is there a style or wording preferred?

As you know, here at HFBS we hit the ground running, never ones to rest on our laurels, so in that spirit of working together to support one another we thought we’d ask; how we can make your job easier?

Your feedback would be both valuable and appreciated. Let us know how we can help. It’s always a pleasure.