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We’re thrilled to share another success story here at Holme Finance Bridging Solutions (HFBS). This case study showcases how we quickly facilitated a client’s need to raise funds for a property renovation, ultimately helping them maximise their potential profit.

The Challenge

Our client, a long-term Buy-To-Let (BTL) property owner, found themselves facing a difficult situation when a recent tenant vacated, leaving the property in less than desirable condition. Instead of selling the property in its current state, the client saw an opportunity to renovate it first to significantly increase the selling price.

The property was valued at approximately £350,000 in its current condition. With an estimated renovation cost of £50,000, the client believed that the property’s worth could exceed £500,000, leading to a substantial profit upon sale. However, there was a hurdle. The property was already mortgaged with an outstanding balance of £260,000, leaving no equity to raise the required £50,000 for renovations.

Our Solution

Dan Yendall-Collings Senior Underwriter at HFBS commented: “Having a deep understanding of our client’s needs and knowing the potential of property investments, we were eager to help. The client could offer a second charge on their primary residence, valued at £1,000,000 with an outstanding mortgage of only £180,000, as security. Seeing the potential for success and the security in place, we were able to offer a financial solution that met the client’s needs.

At HFBS, we believe that every problem has a solution. We approved a £50,000 loan, securing it as a second charge on both the BTL property and the home address. The deal was offered at a rate of 1.25%, competitive for the current financial landscape.

The Outcome

In just eight working days, our team managed to complete the entire process, enabling the client to start the much-needed renovation work without further delays. This swift completion is a testament to the quick, efficient and customer-friendly services we pride ourselves on at HFBS.

The client was able to kick-start the renovations, bringing new life to the property and considerably increase its market value. Once renovations are complete, the client stands to gain a significant return on their investment, justifying their decision to renovate and reinforcing the value of our flexible financing solutions.


At Holme Finance Bridging Solutions, we strive to create financing solutions that cater to our clients’ unique circumstances. This case study showcases the kind of flexible, responsive and solution-oriented service we offer to support our clients’ financial needs, even in complex situations. By working closely with the client, understanding their needs and aspirations, and swiftly processing their loan, we could help turn their renovation project into a promising investment opportunity.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or have any other bridging finance requirements, get in touch with us at Holme Finance Bridging Solutions. We’re here to help you unlock your property’s potential and maximise your investments.

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