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Comment from Ian Broadbent, Director at Holme Finance Bridging Solutions.

It is unusual in the short term lending market to have been established pre 2000 however such experience, whilst resulting in many grey hairs for it’s directors, does give HFBS a unique perspective on the market. The greatest period of growth in our market has occurred over the last 12 years and been sustained, in part, by a strong property market. Is it inevitable this will end?

This sounds like a negative opening but it is not intended to be! At HFBS we would answer the primary question, of course and so what? The property market has always been cyclical and it is perfectly possible ( even probable ) that we are entering a period of much steadier growth/ demand and even some modest potential softening of prices within our underlying assets. This is not brexit, fear of Corbyn or taxation changes to investment property, although these all have an impact, it’s a cycle!

As always good quality, professional intermediaries and lenders will be best placed to work in this more ‘staid’ environment. Some more naïve players may ultimately pay a price and the market may contract a little but the best will continue to provide a valuable service to clients. Good preparation is simply ensuring that those important relationships are formed with experienced parties who understand the need for a long term sustainable market. At HFBS we have the experience to meet those demands and will continue to view applications in a positive and prudent manner.

With three key members of staff sharing almost 100 years of experience between them and a unique bridging proposition we intend to be here a very long time.