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Holme Finance Bridging Solutions is a leading provider of bridging advances for clients looking to secure short-term property financing. One of the unique features of our service is the fact that we offer bridging funds with no minimum valuation, which means clients can access funding regardless of the value of their property.

However, it’s important to note that Holme Finance Bridging Solutions may restrict the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio on lower value properties. This means that clients may be required to put down a higher deposit or provide additional security to secure the funding they need.

To keep our clients’ costs to a minimum, Holme Finance Bridging Solutions will consider a variety of valuation methods, including existing valuations, estate agent sales particulars, automated valuations, or our own visual inspection. This allows us to provide clients with a more efficient and cost-effective service, without compromising on the quality of  funding.

Existing valuations are typically provided by professional surveyors or valuers and can provide an accurate assessment of the value of a property. Estate agent sales particulars can also provide a good indication of a property’s value, although they are typically less reliable than professional valuations.

Automated valuations, on the other hand, use sophisticated algorithms to calculate the value of a property based on a range of factors, including its location, size, and condition. While they can provide a quick and easy way to value a property, they are not always accurate and may not take into account specific features or issues with a property.

Finally, we may also conduct our own visual inspection of a property to assess its value. This can involve a site visit by a member of our expert team who will conduct a visual inspection of the property and take into account factors such as its location, condition, and any other relevant features.

Ian Broadbent, Managing Director at Holme Finance Bridging Solutions says: “We make it our business to provide a flexible and efficient service that is tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. By offering bridging funding with no minimum valuation and considering a range of valuation methods, we are able to provide clients with a more cost-effective and convenient solution to their short-term financing needs.”

HFBS offer one the LOWEST second mortgage rates in the bridging finance market starting at just 0.95% month with advances from just £5,000. HFBS Bridging Solutions have been advancing short-term funds, via a limited panel of intermediaries, for over 40 years with complete authority on their lending. No solicitor involvement, no minimum valuation, and entirely privately funded, no bank mandates, no fixed rules, no default rates. HFBS really mean business.

Simpler, quicker, cheaper.