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In the dynamic world of finance, the ability to adapt and thrive through changes is a rare quality that Dan Yendall-Collings, Senior Underwriter, has exemplified throughout his impressive 22-year tenure at Holme Finance Bridging Solutions (HFBS).

Fresh from university and armed with ambition, Dan applied for a position at HFBS, intrigued by a vacancy that promised growth and learning opportunities. Little did he know it would be the start of a two-decade-long journey that would see him evolve from a promising graduate to a cornerstone of the company.

Initially offered the role of a mortgage advisor, Dan was keen to hit the ground running. However, understanding the importance of expertise in advising clients, he first had to complete his professional qualifications. Displaying his signature commitment and zeal, Dan passed all required certifications with flying colours, setting the tone for his growth within the company.

In 2010 the company ceased offering mortgages moving solely into the bridging loan sector. This transition marked a new chapter not only for the company but for Dan who demonstrated adaptability and commitment to growth, transitioning seamlessly into the role of underwriter.

This position allowed Dan to lever his comprehensive understanding of business management principles and apply them effectively within the bridging finance sector. His ability to analyse risk, understand market dynamics, and craft bespoke financing solutions has been instrumental in the success and resilience of Holme Finance Bridging Solutions.

Ian Broadbent, Managing Director comments: “As we celebrate this remarkable 22-year journey, we not only applaud his individual achievements but also the indelible mark he has left on Holme Finance Bridging Solutions. His journey from a fresh graduate to a leading light in the company underscores the values we hold dear—growth, learning, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Reflecting on his 22-year journey, Dan shared, “After 22 years, I can confidently say being in a position to help people achieve their goals, building relationships, and not to mention the great team here, who are like family, was a great decision. It’s unbelievable it’s been 22 years.”

Here’s to celebrating 22 remarkable years and to many more years of success, innovation, and shared achievements.