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HFBS Bridges the Finance Gap with a Last-Minute Loan

HFBS bridges the finance gap by saving property purchase with last-minute £110,000 Loan.

In a dramatic turn of events, HFBS came to the rescue of a property investor who found themselves in a precarious situation after committing to buy a property at auction under their limited company.

Despite having provisionally approved finance, the client faced unexpected hurdles that threatened to derail the purchase due to tight auction deadlines. The crisis unfolded when, after three weeks of attempting to finalise the deals, the client realised that the transaction would not be completed in time, risking the loss of the property and incurring substantial financial penalties.

With the clock ticking and just five days remaining to the deadline, the client sought the expertise of a broker who immediately turned to HFBS, known for their agility and reliability in such high-pressure situations.

Dan Yendall-Collings, Senior Underwriter comments: “Understanding the urgency, we sprang into action, proposing a solution to raise the required £110,000. Leveraging the client’s home equity, we were able to arrange a second charge on the property, enabling the investor to channel the funds into their limited company and secure the auction properties.”

The process, initiated on Monday with a looming Friday deadline, saw HFBS conduct a swift property valuation and dispatch an offer pack on the very first day. By Tuesday, HFBS representatives were on-site, finalising paperwork with the client. Upon receiving the valuation report and confirming the balance of the first mortgage on Thursday, HFBS promptly released the funds.

This rapid response allowed the client to inject the necessary capital into their limited company, successfully completing the property acquisition within the auction’s stringent timeframe. The loan, offered at a competitive rate of 1.15% over 12 months, has provided the client with a crucial lifeline, enabling them to navigate through this financial bottleneck.

The client now looks forward to refinancing the properties in the coming months, aiming to settle the director’s loan and repay HFBS, thus concluding a remarkable journey from potential disaster to successful acquisition. This case underscores HFBS’s commitment to providing flexible, timely financial solutions, reinforcing their position as a trusted partner in the bridging loan sector.

Historically bridging loans should have a swift completions, the modern day reality is often they are little quicker than a residential mortgage but HFBS are different, old fashioned great service with a proven track record of achieving amazing customer service.

HFBS will go the extra mile to meet a customers expectations, whether that is speed, efficiency, meeting face to face at short notice up and down the country or just delivery on what they offer, they will meet the customers’ expectations.

Simply put, HFBS deliver market leading service, every day…

Mr Matt Tristram, Co-Founder & Director of Loans Warehouse

The recent completion of a £205,000 advance, secured against a purchase, and completed in just three working days from initial contact prompted the following response from one of our significant introducers:

“Here @ Y3S we always have a positive approach, regardless of time constraints and tight deadlines. This case in particular was a challenge to say the least. But we knew, if we had the right partner and the right attitude, then this is something we could achieve. This is not the first time with have used HFBS, so we knew we had the right partner on board. From start to finish, Ian & his team mirrored our own enthusiasm to get this one done”

Mr Andrew Gage, Y3S Group

More4 Loans selected HFBS as our preferred bridging lender because they are exactly the type of lender we want to partner with. Not only do they offer a fantastic range of bridging loan products and with nationwide coverage, their speed of service is second to none. Ian and his team are quick to reply with approvals in principle and as they don’t need clients to employ solicitors can often turn round cases to completion in a matter of days. More4 Loans would have no hesitation in recommending other mortgage brokers, IFA’s or intermediaries to use HFBS

Mr Steve Pollard, More4Loans

HFBS are an innovative and dynamic company. Their bridging loan proposition fulfills a much needed niche in the bridging market. They take a common sense approach to lending and offer a great level of service.
Referring cases over to them could not be more simple and we are assured that our clients will be dealt with in a professional manner.

Mr Ian Miller, Highcroft Securities

When you need hassle-free, fast bridging I would always recommend HFBS. Every time they deliver again and again.

Mr Chris Warner, First4Commercial

We have worked with Holme Finance Bridging Solutions (HFBS) on many occasions over the years, primarily for smaller bridging loans of between £10k and £200k. Without doubt they are the best performing bridging company we have used. They always do what they say and move quickly to complete a deal and pay the commission. If its not one for them, you are told at the outset so you can immediately try and place elsewhere

Mr Gary Latham,

Ian always finds time to chat through each potential deal, always honest in his assessment, and if he says he can do it, he will, promptly and efficiently! How refreshing in today’s market!

Mr Mike Wipfler, Lodhi Finance